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Sunday, February 06, 2005
My mom finally opened up her business back in late November, and threw an official grand opening on December 17, 2004.  My dad and my two bros were heavily involved in renovating the place and marketing it.  They were able to make my mom's wish come true, so I'm very happy and proud of them and extremely happy for my mom. 

We meet up every Sunday to play no limit Texas hold'em poker.  Buy-in is one dollar.  :)  I've only won one game.  And it was by accident.  LOL  One of my best friends is going through a phase right now and I feel helpless as to how to help her...  But at least she has her sister to help her.

I'm getting a paid trip to New York to attend the American International Toy Fair in New York.  It's gonna be my first trip to NY, so I'm excited. Only thing is, I heard it's like 30-40 degrees over there. WTF?!  I get cold when it hits 60 here!  So, this gives me an excuse to go shopping, hehe.

I'm dating someone who's making me laugh and smile.  Someone I can open up to and speak to without hesitance.  I care about him and I hope there will be a future, but I'm unsure...  I want someone who will take care of me...  Like the way exes did--When I asked for something, they gave it to me.  I think it has to do with their age, experience and how their lives were set by the time I came along.  I've already gotten accustomed to being spoiled from my last relationship-- but I just need to get out of the phase and become independent.  I shouldn't expect to get my way or to get things handed to me on a silver platter.

In other news, I keep in touch with my exes, as platonic friends, of course.  Got one ex inviting me to go to church with him.  :)  Another one trying to get me to become a gambler and ditch work to go gamble with him at casinos (LOL) and another one who-- another one... whom I can talk to about my problems, who will listen and advise without judgment, who won't tell me what to do but allow me to come up with my own decisions...

Posted at 04:57 pm by bunni_lee
February 7, 2005   05:02 AM PST
Weren't you sensaSianal before?

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