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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Driving Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

I took Monday off because I was still jittery about driving.  Well today, I had to get my ass to work or else my boss might realize they don't need me to work for them anymore (since I don't do much and they can pretty much get anyone to do my job given a short period or so).  So, I sum up some courage, got into the car, tried to drive as careful as possible.  Called David up for some support, encouraging and comfort.

Well, I barely went a block from my house and I was driving--  my light was green, so I continued to approach the intersection to drive through-- then this car from the left side of the street zooms by in front of me.  WTF?  My light is green you asshole!  So, that made me scared...  So, I decided to drive even more defensively...  Got into the freeway entrance.  After a few minutes, I see that traffic ahead had come to a stop, so I slowed to a stop--  then to my left, I hear all these cars screeching.  I turned to look, and this car barely stopped a foot away from the car in front.  The cars behind that car were screeching like mad.

At this point, I figure I'm bad luck...

Made it to work okay without further incident...

4:30 PM came around, time to go home...  Got onto the freeway to go home and guess what...  I was going 70 MPH and I guess that wasn't fast enough for the fourth lane from the left (which should be the slowest lane, right?), and these two cars behind me decide to cut me off...  So, one car went to my left, another car to my right.  I saw both cars right in front of me about to change into the lane at the same freaking time!  See, that's what you get for cutting people off--  If you're gonna cut people off, at least be careful and see if the lane is free and make sure people aren't gonna jump into it.  Anyhow...  Well, luckily Lady Luck was on their side and the accident was averted.  I guess one of them finally saw the other car.  Dude, it would have been horrible if the accident happened right in front of me.  It's just scary to witness things like that.

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