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Saturday, July 10, 2004
There's this street I turn into on my way home--  Several times already, as I was making the left hand turn into that street, a small bird swoops down low to the street right in front of my car, scaring the bejebus outta me 'cause it looks like I'm about to run it over.  Well on Friday, I almost had an incident with a bird swooping down low onto the street-- then I made that left hand turn into that particular street--  and once more a bird swoops low over the street--  as I get closer to my home, I was thinking in my head, "Dang, what's up with all these birds today?" And outta nowhere, a small bird swoops down in front of me into the bushes on my left hand side.  I was so afraid I hit it--  I stopped the car cold--  Hoping it would fly--  Finally, it emerged and I let out a big sigh of relief.  What are the chances?!  Three times in one day?  What's even more odd is...  the last one occurred when I was contemplating over it.  Is this some kind of sign?  I asked my friend, and she told me that it's only coincidental...  But also, it may mean that something's gonna happen, not necassarily to myself, but to someone near me.  But then again, they might have babies in the bird nests near the side of the road or in the bushes--  that's why they swoop so quickly to a certain spot-- to make sure their babies are safe.  I dunno....  I wonder if there's something more to this...  Kinda afraid...

Posted at 01:31 am by bunni_lee


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