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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Fourth of July
Church.  Albertsons.  San Gabriel.

Went to church but didn't pay attention.  Too busy talking and listening to Huyen.  Note to self:  Not a good idea to stand near or by the door or else honking will ensue.  Dang fellas, I'm at church!!  Show a little respect will ya?!

After church, we HAD to go to Albertsons for their yummy BBQ chicken....  $2 for half a chicken!  And it's not one of those scrawny ones, either!  Bought six chickens and a slab of pork ribs.  Hey, a girl's gotta eat you know!  Hehe  Actually, the other four were for my fam: Mom, Dad, and Bros.  Huyen and I kept our chicken and headed up to San Gabriel.

Up in San Gabriel, we kicked it at David's house.  Met James' friends but didn't talk to them (since they were busy talking to each other).  One of them, this guy, tall, buzzed head looked appetizing!  LOL  Well, I thought he was kinda cute.  :)  Anyhow, we watched some Naruto, watched a whole lotta MTV Cribs.  One of them featured the Youngbloods (or is it Youngbloodz?), and their home is so ghetto!  You would think with the money they made, they would get a better home-- or at least do some remodeling or redecorating--  but they had a freaking huge ass stain on their carpet!  My house is messy, but we don't have any big ass stain on the carpet--  And if we did, and we knew people were going to broadcast on TV what our house looked like, I would clean that stain off the carpet.  I think there was a broken kitchen cabinet door too, just hanging there.  Damn, how hard is it to fix the cabinet door?  I suppose they're really busy...  or really lazy...  Okay, so anyways, I'm done with my tangent.... 

Back to the topic at hand....  Huyen and I ate our chicken, and David left and came back with a plate of food and sat down and ate with us.  I think I might have said something to piss him off or something because he left the table and sat by himself-- Not sure if he was mad-- or that's just normal behavior.  So anyways, after I got sick of watching Cribs, I wanted to play Clue.  It was fun playing Clue!  I finally have people I can play board games with!  BTW, I LOOOOVE BOARD GAMES!  So, yeah, we were playing, and whenever someone made a suggestion, I made Huyen and David say it word for word, like how they had it in the manual-- "I suggest the crime was commited by _____ with a _____ in the _____ room."  Haha  It's funnier that way!  You get more into the game!  So, anyways, Huyen won!!  She's really good at games.  I always lose to her.  hehe  I wanted to play Uno afterwards, but Huyen started talking while shuffling the cards and ended up putting them away, so we didn't play.  I was too lazy to shuffle it myself.  hehe

Afterwards, we watched some Simpsons, and I was so tired that I fell asleep.  I woke up like an hour or hour and a half later.  It was getting late and I had to go back to spend the Fourth with my fam and with Huyen.  We got in the car and left.  I called my mom to make sure she knows I'm coming home with fireworks-- and she said that we won't be doing anything.  So, Huyen and I didn't really have a reason to go home.  So, we stayed and drank while we watched fireworks.  Later on, Huyen drove me home since I was so tired and sleepy-- and 'cause I'm a bum.  hehe

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