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Sunday, July 04, 2004
He came uninvited to my home and waited for a good hour or so, texting me to come out since I wouldn't pick up my phone.  I was sooo focking pissed at him--  I didn't want to talk to him, to hear his voice--  I didn't want to have anything to do with him.

Well, he's sitting out there for an hour or so like I mentioned...  And...  I decided to go out and hear what he had to say...  I tell him to walk over to my car so we can sit in my car and talk.  He walks over--  and the first thing I noticed were his puppy dog eyes and this sad facial expression, but I looked away and tried not to pay attention to him.  In fact, during the first 20 mins of our convo-- I was faced away from him.  He tried to reason with me and eventually I backed down because I didn't have evidence--  But I told him--  if I do get my hands on the evidence, it is SO over. 

After this serious matter blew over, we started listening to music and he got me smiling and laughing again...  Later on, my oldest bro gets home and he's parked behind my car-- and he starts throwing stuff at my car!  LOL  That crazy guy.  Anyhow, he kept harrassing us for awhile too.  haha 

Ok, so anyhow...  I remember--  when I was facing away from him-- when I was giving him the cold shoulder--  he actually reached over and tried to cover me up because it's apparent that I was cold, trying to get warm under the blanket--  he pulled the blanket to cover my exposed skin and even used his jacket...  It was sort of a tender moment--  It's different than--  him offering me his jacket, you know?  I mean, think about it....  you're arguing with somebody, you're giving them the cold shoulder, the third degree too--  and...  the other person is taking all the blows--  one right after the other-- yet he or she can put aside his or her anger or frustration to make sure you're warm and okay.  So, I consider it as a tender gesture...  In that type of scenario that is...

So, everything is good now--  for NOW that is!  We'll see how things will be after I get my cell phone bill....  If it shows what I think it will show-- he's so gone....  But if not, I can own up to jumping to conclusions and apologize...  (I HATE APOLOGIZING BY THE WAY!!!  But...  I'll make an exception just this once.  hehe)

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